MATCHIE is a site started by Creative Showcase website Between 10and5.

Having been around for close to 9 years, we found a necessity to plug a gap in the job seeker/provider in the creative industry. We realise you might be a copywriter at an advertising agency, but you’re itching to become a gallery curator. Or maybe you work in TV/Film and are keen to move into food.

Who knows?

For Job Seekers

It’s a reality that people hop from entire different fields and change their careers often. We want to make it easier for people to do that. We know you’re never going to want to get a job as a lawyer, or an engineer. You want to stay in the creative world (not that engineers and lawyers aren’t creative… but you know what we mean).

We started MATCHIE as a site to bring together the worlds of art, design, fashion, film, advertising, music, culture and more. There are other job sites where you can find all the careers in marketing, but we know you’re looking for something a bit more interesting. We only allows jobs on MATCHIE that we think we’d want to do, or that sounds interesting. Are you ready to quit your job as a high-flying record label exec and intern at an organic farm? I’m sure we’ve got the opportunity for you.

For Employers

Similarly, we realise that as an employer you might be looking for someone with that edge, who’s been in a different industry and can breathe fresh air into your organisation. The people that read Between 10and5 are all hard working, dedicated creative minds. They might be in property finance now, but they DJ by night and are tapped in to creative culture. Why not give them a shot? Guaranteed they will come with a brand new way to solve problems.

Either way, MATCHIE is built by creatives, for creatives.

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10and5 is NOT a recruitment agency, we merely offer a marketplace for job seekers and employers to find each other. 

10and5 does not take a placement fee, percentage of salary or other payment for placement, nor are we responsible for the success of a person who starts at your organisation. 

The service is currently free, with plans to offer additional paid options in the future. The basic listing will always remain free.

We reserve the right to take down any job posts that we feel don’t align with our objectives.